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VineyardNY Media: Why We Probably Won’t Sound Just Like K-LOVE


I, like you, listen (occasionally) to K-LOVE, the monolithic Christian radio station carried in cities across the country. For many, it’s a great source of inspiration and encouragement – lots of good songs, devotional thoughts and reflection. Because of its impact, I field a lot of requests for…

VineyardNY Media: Why We Probably Won’t Sound Just Like K-LOVE


Worship Leader Training 4/18/13: Matt Turrigiano

Just finished a super helpful training with Matt Turrigiano, worship pastor at the Vineyard Church in North Phoenix. VCNP is 4500 strong and Matt’s killing it as their worship leader. 

Some brief notes from tonight:

1) How do you stay fresh? Matt leads many many services weekly so he underscored the importance of weekly rhythms that let him lead with the same type of verve and passion that he would if he were leading a service for the first time. He also communicated to us how vital it is to love the craft of leading.

2) How do you lead yourself? Matt does an amazing job at leading his worship and tech ministry, but relayed to us that his most important priority was being completely present for his family. He’s super committed to ensuring they get his best. That commitment cascades over into fruitful ministry – he helps him to be completely authentic from the stage. This dude’s the definition of strategic.

3) As for kingdom expectation (in other words, God breaking through) in worship, we can’t force it. Relax. God does it, not us. It doesn’t happen on a regular basis in quotidian church life. We can teach into it. We can create expectation. But that’s up to God and to the people sitting in the seats to respond.

4) But we can do something to accelerate the process by which a congregation learns to worship God. Here are three things:

a. Sing great songs… Make those songs consistent and accessible. Put good words on people’s lips. Teach through the songs. 

b. Model worship. Show people what worship looks like from the front.

c. Be intentional about what you want people to learn about and in worship. Through worship teaching bombs, etc. A short phrase to explain how to bodily express praise. 

5) Finally, a charge. From someone who knows us. Matt’s a big fan of Syracuse, knows the area and was considering being a part of the church at one point (long ago). Matt charged us to take care of our families, to be people of right priority and integrity. And to put our heads down and serve with all of our energy here at the church. Our church has the ability to make an impact in our region… If that’s the case, the best thing we can do if influence comes is to have our house is in order. 
What did you learn from the training? 


VineyardNY Media: How Loud is too Loud?


We sometimes get the complaint that we’re too loud as a worship band during a weekend service. Many apologies to those who have found our audio experience unpleasant because of volume.

However, most people don’t find volume to be the main problem. Harshness or a poor EQ are generally the…

VineyardNY Media: How Loud is too Loud?


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