A worship leader’s journey

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a proper posting.  I guess I’m at a loss for inspiration.  

As most of you know I lead the worship team at the Auburn site of VineyardNY.  I was kind of thrust into that position a few years ago as there was no real leadership there.  I had no real training.  I had lead worship but never been over a whole team before. Things were ok for a while as we kind of coasted through.  No real big changes to how things were done and no real improvements either.  In late 2011 we had a leadership change at the church.  We hired Ted to be our worship pastor and that point many things began to change I felt lost in the current.  

We began a new shift toward a more modern sound in worship.  He also cast the vision to be Engaging for the unchurched and worshipful for the churched.  This concept wasn’t completely foreign to me but it was shown in a new way.  We also were introduced to click-tracks.  What a strange idea having an ipod tell me what part of the song to play next.  Also we were to sing the songs exactly like they are on the recording.  This didn’t sit well with me as I don’t fancy myself a great singer.  I can carry a tune enough to get by but to stay true to what is on a professional recording seemed impossible.

As time went by not much changed at the Auburn site.  We kept doing things the way we always had.   We coasted along thing this is fine.  I rationalized it as out demographic was older and we would lose a lot of people if we made any changes.  Things we fine that was for a while. Until I had a big event (Birth of my first son 🙂 ) that changed a lot of things. 

I’ll pick this story in my next post 🙂   Gotta leave you wanting more.  😉


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