A worship leader’s journey part three

I learned a lot from that service.  I learned that you didn’t have to spend the first half of rehearsal trying to keep the band in tempo.  I learned the actual benefit of the click track.  It not only keeps the band together but also adds another layer to the music.  I learned that it’s OK for a worship set to have a high production value. 

I took all of this back to my site.  I’ve slowly been impletmenting click/tracks into our service.  I’ve been working on creating more seamless transitions between songs.  Generally increasing the production value at my site.  There has been some resistance to change as expected but for the most part things seem to be moving in the right direction.  As we move forward towards using clicks in each song I feel that we can only get better!  

One other other big takeaways that I’ve gotten is to be intentional in everything I do.  Not just picking songs because they sound good together but also because the fit together thematically to bring people to the presence of God.  Rehearsing the introduction before service (I’m a horrible public speaker). On weeks when the band is small do a proper acoustic set, not just leave out an instrument because someone isn’t there.  Memorizing my music has helped as well.  If I know where the song needs to go and don’t have to think about it I can better direct the band as well as listen to what God is doing in the room. 

I’m excited for the future of the worship team at my site.  This is a great group of amazingly talented people who work excellent together.  I know we can only grow from here!

I’m going to make an effort to make this a weekly update.  What kinds of things would you like to see on here?


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