A Bit of History

So I’ve shared with you my recent history.  I guess I should go back a bit further and kinds give you where I came from.  I was born in Syracuse New York.  I lived in Liverpool until I was about 5.  I don’t remember much/any of it so I guess it kinda doesn’t count?  We then moved to Cicero around the time my brother was born.  It was in a new development and I remember there were roads with no houses on it…very strange.  My parents divorced when I was 12. Still unsure how I felt about the whole thing but it is what it is.  

My dad started dating my future step mom that following February.  She was going to church regularly.  Up until this point my family was off and on church goers mainly Easter and Christmas.  She invited us to go with her one weekend.  I was expecting the same thing I always got when I went to church.  The hard benches with the cool slide out knee things, Hundreds of people in a giant room barely able to hear what the guy in the middle was saying.  But this place was different…It was above a pizza shop.  What kid doesn’t love pizza?!  

We walked up the stairs and it was completely different than I could have thought.  There were what looked like comfortable chairs in rows facing one direction.  There was a band…like a real band with guitars and drums.  I was trying to figure out how that worked.  My parents socialized with people they knew as I stood off to the side awkwardly.  We took a seat and the band started to play.  This was different.  This music actually said something.  Something I could understand.  Sure the words were on an overhead off to the side but it was something more.  I hadn’t ever heard anything like this!  I was excited.  When service was over and we were on the drive home my dad asked us if we would want to go back.  I said yes enthusiastically. 

As I’m realizing this has turned into a wall of text and many may lose interest it looks as though this story is also to be continued. 😉


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