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Hey guys!

When you get a chance checkout and let me know what you think. ¬†There isn’t much up as of yet but we’ll get there ūüôā




The other day I was able to sit and review my worship set from this weekend’s service. I learned a few things. One is that I need to reevaluate my key selection and perhaps sing with in my range but there was something bigger than that. ¬†But to get there let me back track a bit.

I have tendonitis¬†in my left hand. ¬†This causes my hand to go numb when I play guitar for extended periods of time. ¬†For the past few years I’ve kind of just pushed through it, worn a brace, and iced it after service. ¬†Recently I took up playing keys. ¬†This has been beneficial to my growth as a musician an worship leader and allowed me to avoid the pain associated with my arm. ¬†However I’m still rather clumsy with that instrument and can’t do it blindfolded as I can the guitar. ¬†I didn’t realize what effect this had until last week when I lead from guitar for the first time in a couple of months. ¬†(I’m getting to my point here soon I promise) I reviewed this weeks set and thought “wow people seem to be really engaged and worshiping this week!” and just then it hit me. ¬†People were able to worship because I was worshiping. ¬†I wasn’t worried about where my hands went or trying to correct my posture or trying to figure out which finger positioning to use for each chord. ¬†No I wasn’t even thinking about playing! ¬†So now I’ve come to a point where I need to figure our where to go next. ¬†Do I continue to lead from keys and get better at it so I can eventually do it with my eyes closed but sacrifice some my ability to worship while leading? Or do I deal with the pain that leading with guitar brings and be able to worship more freely?


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